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Classic Bamboo Wood Sunglasses

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Lenses Color: 01

Handmade Unisex Polarized Bamboo Sunglasses: Use them and Conserve the Environment


  • Our unique handmade Bamboo sunglasses are Eco-Friendly.
  • Stop using sunglasses with plastic, acrylic, or other materials derived frames.
  • Plastic frames on sunglasses jeopardize our health and dent our household budget and eventually clog the earth’s landfills with excess waste and destroy our waterways, lakes, sea and oceans habitat’s.
  • Our carefully crafted bamboo frames are beautifully handmade from organic, sustainably grown bamboo plants, making them a renewable product and source of energy benefiting human kind and the environment!
  • Free from harmful chemicals, BPA, or other, dangerous compounds found in conventional plastics.
  • Bamboo sunglasses are perfect gifts for kids and adults alike.


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Lenses Color: 01